veeshna Polypack Packing Film for Furniture, Boxes, Pallets (150 mm/6-inch, Transparent)

Price: ₹ 1,000.00 - ₹ 350.00
(as of Jun 24,2020 13:04:01 UTC – Details)

Saving you up to 30% in quantity while providing maximum quality: the veeshna shrink wrap film has been specially designed to stretch up to up to 300%. In this way, it saves you up to 30% of the quantity you would normally use while providing excellent quality. Perfect for safely collating, bundling and securing all types of items: whether you like to wrap furniture, boxes, objects featuring odd shapes or loads that are uneven and difficult to handle, this clear shrink film stretch packing wrap is a must have for you, 100% clean removal: forget about shrink packaging pallet wraps which stick on your furniture causing damage or leave a residue on your items. This top notch stretch film pallet wrap clings to itself without leaving adhesives, assuring a 100% clean removal. The fact that it is clear allows you to effortlessly keep track of what each package contains, helping you save time and turn moving into an easy task.

Exclusively made in India: shrink mini wrap is made exclusively in india, using nothing but the best materials, state-of-the-art production processes, and strict quality control
If our shrink mini wrap does not turn out to be what you hoped for, feel
Thick, durable self-adhering shrink wrap film: this stretch film wrap is made of incomparably durable, environmentally friendly and natural ingredients. In addition, it is made in the india, it features a 92-gauge stretch thickness and it firmly sticks to itself, promising to serve all your packing,