ProdNXT Impulse Intelligent Energy Saver Spike Guard, 4 Universal Sockets, Individual Switches and Indicators

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Product Description


Why normal extension cord/Spike guard when IMPULSE-Intelligent Energy Saver Spike guard automatically cut OFF power wastage with connected devices (printer, scanner, speaker, amplifiers, monitor, setup box etc ) when TV or computer is in idle state(shutdown, sleep, hibernate, standby mode). Please watch the video to clearly understand the intelligent feature of IMPULSE. When you switch OFF the TV, IMPULSE automatically switch OFF the connected devices on it. The same functionality will happen with Computer/Laptop.

IMPULSE-Intelligent Energy Saver Spike guard comes with 4 6A electrical universal sockets with 2 meter power cord and 4 USB ports for charging and 1 for Data transfer to computer/TV. For safety & protection it comes with spike buster & surge protection circuit. 2A USB Ports (all together) with USB Output of 5V-2A. The outer cover is made up of High grade ABS material. You can connect your monitor, CPU, Speakers, Laptop, Modem, TV, Sound system and many other 6A electric appliances. It has earth protection indicators and fuse blown indicators. Universal socket with individual switch and indicator.

Note before buying IMPULSE-Intelligent Energy Spike guard for checking Auto cut off: When your computer/TV is in sleep/standby mode, just plug in your mobile or any USB charging device to the USB port. If your connected device is not charging, then USB port supports power OFF during sleep/standby mode and you can use Type-A cable for connection with Impulse. Use Type-B cable(only applicable for PC) if device is charging during sleep/standby mode.If the device is charging when your Television is in stand by, IMPULSE will not automatically switch OFF connected devices. Watch the video for better understanding of the product.

Energy saverEnergy saver

Smart Innovation with a greater purpose

How many of us switch off all peripheral devices associated with Computer or Television when not in use? How much power are we losing by not switching off peripheral devices associated with television or computer or any devices with USB connection? There exists a need for a device that will allow computer/ TV users to automatically turn their peripheral devices ON or OFF when they turn their computer/TV systems ON or put them in shutdown, standby, hibernate or sleep mode thereof. IMPULSE-Intelligent Energy Saver Spike guard will issue this problem for you.

Save ModeSave Mode

Save and normal mode of operation.

In ‘Save’ mode, the power status of peripheral devices will depend upon the status of your Computer/TV. In ‘Normal’ mode, power status of peripheral devices will not depend on the status of your CPU/TV and are controlled by the individual switches.

To work in ‘Save’ mode, use Type A or Type B(refer FAQ with product for more details) cables based on relevance. Type-A cable comes with male USB connectors on both ends. One end connects to the USB port on the computer/TV and the other end connects to your Impulse (left side USB port).

USB portsUSB ports

4 USB charging ports and 1 USB port for transferring data files to computer and TV

If IMPULSE is powered ON, no matter what mode you select, you will be able to charge your USB-chargeable devices. Data transfer is possible only when there is a connection between the computer/TV and IMPULSE made through a Type-A male USB connecting cable. Ensure this is in place. Use USB port with white connector will be used for Data tarnsfer

Main features

Edge indicator

Edge indicator



hot plug

hot plug

Wall hang and Fuse

Wall hang and Fuse

Indicators to identify earth protection(BLUE), Power ON(BLUE), Switch ON(BLUE) and fuse blown indicator (RED)

Individual switch and indicator for each socket

Hot Plug feature – Connect your device and put on RED indicators to not switch off device when in SAVE mode

Easy fuse replacement and Wall hang option

Watch the video to auto cut off connected devices and hot plug facility.
Supports USB charging and USB data transfer.
Protect devices from voltage surges, Smart device control
Earthing protection and blown fuse indicators.

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