CRC 2-26 Multi Use Electro Cleaner, 500 ml Aerosol Can

Price: ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 385.00
(as of Jun 25,2020 10:19:12 UTC – Details)

CRC 2-26 is a versatile, plastic safe, multi-purpose precision lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor. Its unique viscosity allows it to cover more surface area and penetrate deep into the surface of all metals, including steel,copper, brass and aluminum alloys. 2-26 displaces moisture and leaves a thin, long lasting film to protect against corrosion. CRC 2-26 is a Electrical Contact Cleaner ,Cleans, lubricates, penetrates and loosens corrosion. Prevents corrosion by displacing moisture. Restores resistance values and helps stop current leakage. Helps restore water damaged electrical equipment. Convenient 360 spray valve – can be sprayed from any position. Cleans light soils and contaminants. Will not harm modern plastics, including polycarbonates, ABS and Noryl. The stable, low surface tension, high capillary action formula provides great penetrating and spreading power. CRC 2-26 Displaces Moisture, removes Carbon Deposits & Oxidation from Electrical Contacts.

Electro Cleaner – Clean Lubricate Electrical Joints and Switch Gear
CO2 Propellant – Non Flammable
Oily Residue to Lubricate Electrical Contacts
2 Way Power Spray Straw , 360 Deg Nozzle

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