610Pcs 2.54mm Wire Jump Pin Header Connector Kit Female Male Terminal Crimp Pins Electronic Components

Price: ₹ 649.00
(as of Jun 23,2020 16:30:34 UTC – Details)

It is a very comprehensive product including varied housing connectors, which is good for home electronics prototyping. It also has plenty of terminals and straight header pins. The quality is great, these can be used for computer building. It enables you to connect devices pretty easily, no welding, no difficult and complicated manual work, just some easy steps and everyone can handle it. It’s the best choice for experiment and DIY projects. What are you waiting for? Go get it and make your life easy.

Connecting Housing Female Material: Plastic
Pin Connector Material: Copper coated with Zinc
AWG: 18-26 Pin    Pitch: 2.54mm/0.1″   Rated Voltage: 250V    Rated Current: 3A
Working temperature: 25-85℃
Box Size: 17.5x10x2.2cm / 6.89″x3.94″x0.87″
Package Weight: approx. 130g
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x1P     50Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x2P     40Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x3P     20Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x4P     20Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x5P     20Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 1x6P     20Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 2x2P     10Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 2x3P     10Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 2x4P     10Pcs
Connector Housing Female 2.54mm 2x5P     10Pcs
Jumper Wire Cable Female Pin Connector   200Pcs
Jumper Wire Cable Male Pin Connector       200Pcs

Package Included:
1x plastic box of 610pcs connector kits

This kit comes with a wide variety of connectors as a great selection of parts to make both male and female connectors sizes range from 1×1 to 2×5 pins
610pcs jumper wire connector parts, well packed and assorted in a resealable transparent box for convenient use and storage
It is very convenient for people playing around with Arduinos, Pics, Pis, FTA, etc and works great with all your typical breadboard style pin connectors and sockets as well
Easy to use: You just need a crimper or a fine plier to assemble them instead of wasting time soldering the wires
Warranty not applicable for this product

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