Identify & Eliminate – 4 Mistakes in a Project Plan LIAR !!!

Here we will help you identify 4 mistakes in a Project Plan & Eliminate them so as to enable your Project Teams to weed out ambiguity, assign ownership & drive Project Actions Successfully

A detailed Project Plan is the first document of reference and a saviour in managing ambiguity. Unfortunately, this is also an avenue where Project Managers could go wrong easily because of following awfully bad practices.  

Projects often wind up taking longer (much longer) than planned and costing more than budgeted.

While no two projects are exactly the same, the issues that can affect — and potentially jeopardize — them are often quite similar. And even good project managers can make mistakes when wrangling a big, complex project — or when being bombarded with change requests.

Here’s what IT executives and project management professionals told us are the all-too-common mistakes they see project managers make — and advice for avoiding them.

1. Manually scheduled Tasks 

This is the Number 1 mistake in a Project Plan.

Even if the duration of one single task is changed then the entire Project Plan should be automatically rebaselined to show you the new end date of a Project. If this is not the case then you may be using a few manually scheduled tasks. 

2. Not Linking Tasks

Number 2 mistake in a Project Plan: A few Project Manager’s think that they can drive a Project Plan with constraints and relationships are not important. 

Again in this case, if there is any change to the duration of one Critical Path Task then the Project Plan would not be updated to reflect the updated end dates

3. Indentation – The number 3 Project Plan Mistake is the most obvious one!!!

In Microsoft Project, a summary task that is also called a parent task is a collection of subtasks that shows their combined information.  A well indented Project Plan clearly demarcates the Phases and also Parent Tasks that have been identified by the Project Manager as having other tasks within itself. 

4. Resources

Number 4 mistake on a Project Plan !!

Did you just notice a Project Plan with departments in the resources section? You need names against each activity!!!

This also means the project manager is not intending to use resource levelling in his Project Plan and no one would actually know if a resource is overbooked!!!

You were wondering what is LIAR?

Key Takeaways

  1. Link Tasks – Always
  2. Indent Tasks for better understanding
  3. Auto Schedule all the Tasks
  4. Resources Should be assigned for all the Projects

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