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Project Management GANTT Charts

5 GANTT Chart Templates for Compelling Presentations

Effectively GANTT Charts are a visual representation of the Project Milestones and help the Project or Program Manager to seek a buy in from the sponsors and senior stakeholders. This is where the Project Manager dons the hat of a creative designer and designs a plan that is soothing for the eyes of sponsor and stakeholders alike. While designing GANTT charts some Project Managers become the Giorgio Armani or Versace of the Project Management world!!!

Agile SAFe Case Study

The Most Loved Framework for Large Enterprises – Agile SAFe

SAFe has become most loved & popular resource for large enterprise companies. Based on agile principles, SAFe as a framework tackles five main components of Project Management:  1) Architecture, 2) Integration, 3) Governance, 4) Funding, 5) Roles.   An easy way to understand & remember Portfolio Hierarchy for Agile SAFe – PPRSD – Portfolio, Product, Releases, …

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The 21st Century Project Manager

Are you maintaining a traditional Project Team? Does you team need to reboot of the skills they sustained over previous years? Is your team still relevant if they go on with the same skills for the upcoming transformations in the current industry you are working in? What is the method to madness? If you are …

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The Box Plot!!

A lot many times the manager has to step in the shoes of a Business Analyst and understand the data around him. You can think of a Project Manager looking to baseline metrics that will be achieved from the project or a manager trying to report the process performance achieved over the month or a …

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Project Management Case Studies

Critical Path Method

It is often difficult to full understand & acknowledge the complexity of a Project unless you look at the Critical Path. By the definition of it, a Critical Path is determined by identifying the longest stretch of activities in a project plan which must be completed on time for the project to complete on due …

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