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Market dynamics for new age companies are changing drastically. One skill that has stood the test of time but is evolving into the most important skill in these times is Project Management. This website features content from Project Managers, Free Templates and useful stuff to get you started in your Project Management journey. 

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Q. Do you love to work on different assignments and want to stay away from monotonous roles?

A. Project Managers get to work with a different departments on most of their Projects. Every project is different. If you want to move between projects and disciplines within your business it’s relatively easy. The job has so much variety, both in terms of people, scope of projects and the kind of tasks project managers do.

Q. Do you love changes or are mostly impacted by change?

A. Project Managers lead changes and by default need to be the most updated on latest trends and Technology.

Q. Do you love solving problems?

A. It’s satisfying to put things right. The process of problem solving is enjoyable too: the research, analysis, synthesis and then the power of being able to make an awesome recommendation.

This website is about business content & covers the three most important aspects of any business – People, Processes & Technology. We review Management Frameworks, Stories, Articles, Videos and provide Insights & Key Takeaways from the Content, we also provide a structure for users to be able to retain that Content with infographics, mind maps, mnemonics and other tools

The 21st Century Project Manager Blog gives you a perspective on what skills are required for your management team. 

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Do you want to learn Risk Management via Case Strategies? Do you want to learn from real life insights on how Projects are managed? The Article Risk Management Strategies covers this aspect